Honorificus Titles and Deeds

In the footsteps of our ancestors with great reverence to history and noteworthy merit, to show respect with diplomacy, ethics and grace to manifest the right to the Honorable title based on the deeds and recognition that has been acted upon.

Introduction to Honorificus

Honorificus was established in 2021 as a cloud based platform and trademark brand name for the registration of internationally recognized credentials which can be created for recognized tile holders that can be verified and confirmed online. Our programs have worked for many individuals entering countries with diplomatic recognition and for obtaining Google Knowledge Panels making their registration data universally accessible. In 2021 we have taken registration to a whole new level by offering costly apostilles services that are normally accepted and understood at a great discount based on the creation of attribution files. One of the goals of our online initiative with "Honorificus" is to restore the dignity, renew interest and bring back the prestige associated with the presentation of honorific standing in global society.

Honorificus™ is also working with others on the development and presentation of several new Honorific Titles and their Orders from the indigenous peoples of South America, to a pioneer settlers association of pre-historic Kentucky, to the first order of knights in the United States. Currently we are able to process 100 different titles securely, soon with the cloud-based system we will be able to recognize over 1,000 different titles. Any title that is positively recognized by Wikipedia can be certified and verified in our registry.

Honorificus™ offers apostilles delivery service electronically by maintaining your documents safe and accessible in the cloud using your smartphone or any PC at our authoritative registration sites. All of those recognized by Honorificus at Honorific.US and Honorific.UK are automatically authorized and often nominated for other honorable titles based on their actions and deeds.

Currently we are only registering several titles that have recently come into high-regard and popularized by the media. Among the honorable titles we are working with and researching are Goodwill Ambassador, Kentucky Colonel, Nebraska Admiral, and American Knight.

Our foundation inspires members to augment their careers, pursue occupations as civic leaders, and as local non-profit community organization directors. We also assist in developing grants and sponsorships for making communities stronger and more resilient. Anyone with team leadership or business management skills, organizational experience, and good writing abilities are encouraged to support our objectives and become an ambassador professionally or to enhance their current careers understanding diplomatic protocol and civil order.

Our foundation offers membership and subcontractor consultation services to governments, individuals, organizations, and other foundations at city, state, national, and international levels.

Franklin presented his credentials to the French court in 1779, becoming the first American Minister (the eighteenth century American equivalent of Ambassador) to be received by a foreign government. Franklin's home in Passy, just outside Paris, became the center of American diplomacy in Europe.
Declaration of Independence signing.

Focus Areas

The Honorificus Foundation focuses on recognizing individuals based on an attribute schema rating system, cloud-based information, public-knowledge and identity as-a-service executed by actual title recipients.

Acknowledgement and recognition can be acquired based on individual achievements, deeds, and event organization in the following cause related and diplomatic focus areas:

  • Art & Music

  • Civil & Community

  • Culture & Heritage

  • Culinary (Food)

  • Economic Development

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Hospitality

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • Public Advocacy & Diplomacy

  • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Social Media Networks

  • Sports & Recreation

  • Tourism & Travel

Our WebSite

Our website and foundation covers all the various types and classes of registration for titles of authority, honorific titles, working nominal prefixes and post nominal titles and suffixes. for those working with their titles and require legal identification to include title credence.

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