About Honorificus

Developed for the social media in 2021 as a descriptive brand name concept for the protection and verification of Honorable Titles due to the high incidence of online fraud and privacy violations. Our name Honorificus reflects the semantic integrity to defend the "True Origin" and the "Natural Source" of "Names and Titles" as Intellectual Property of Cultural Significance to Tradition and Heritage under the common-law doctrines of which they are prescribed. We apply the history of the origin without reservation based on facts and defend your title under 15 U.S. Code § 1125 - False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden which provides rights to title holders in common law as the true origin.

About the Honorificus Foundation

The Honorificus Foundation has the monumental mission of keeping history in its and reconciling the benefits of the "rights, privileges and responsibilities" for its members who must have a Title in "Good Standing". What is most important to a Title holder is the recognition of the title and understanding the responsibilities of its purpose.

A Consolidated Foundation Development

As part of our effort to broaden our perspective and better include others Globcal International a subsidiary of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation has created the Honorificus Foundation program to compliment the development of our Goodwill Ambassadors of the World program which we started in 2009 to extend awareness about global citizens and goodwill ambassadors working in the public and private sectors. The new Honorificus Foundation is being formed under a similar Creative Commons License 4.0 for others to rely on for educational information and as a clearing house of public domain resources.

January 25, 2024 - Honorificus has been cleared for development by Ecology Crossroads Board of Trustees and Globcal International Directors; On February 1, the following Titles can be afforded protection, registration and official internationally recognized insignia.

Please attribute or cite our creative work as follows:

Various Authors. "[Page Title]", Honorificus Foundation WebSite: Globcal International, 2009-[Current Year], [Access Date], [WebPage URL]

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation Logo, detailed planet earth gilded with 22 karat gold.
Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation located in Madison County, Kentucky depends on its members titles to be recognized when they travel abroad and in everyday social protocol, correspondence and courtesy. Ecology Crossroads is our non-profit 501(c)(3) organizational sponsor registered with the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

History of Globcal International

We began our development in 2009 for the Summit of the Americas and presentation to President Barack Obama as a creative solution for nonpartisan social media participation in democracy and public diplomacy. Our program was relatively successful initially resulting in widespread social media activism, the birth of new ideals, lots of flattery from other organizations adopting our grassroots ideals, thus we began making many modifications to protect our original programs. From 2019-2020 we began a reformation and redevelopment process to focus on education and training of civil service officers, public advocates, and goodwill ambassadors in communities around the world for the benefit of a greater global society. 

Among the problems we have encountered in our program developments was in 2020 when a lawsuit was filed by the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels against us for trademark infringement for using the name "Kentucky Colonels International"; when the case was dismissed in 2021 a resolution was offered by the governing committee Col. Godfrey Brock-Gadd, Col. Luis Cruz, and Col. David Wright to establish the Honorificus International Register.